A Midsummer Night’s Dream/Shakespeare

What did Shakespeare leave for his wife in the will? Second best bed because the first “best” bed was saved for guests
Who did Shakespeare marry and what was “interesting” about her? Anne Hathaway. She was 8 years older and already pregnant with Susanna.
Where is Shakespeare buried? Holy Trinity Church, Stratford Upon Avon
What is significant about Shakespeare’s death? He died on his birthday, April 23, 1616
Why were plays not allowed in London during Shakespeare’s time? Controversial
What was the most famous theater in the old London area? Globe
What caused the theater to burn down in 1613? Canon fire during a production of Henry VIII
While viewing the play, where do the “poor” people stand? Pit
Where do the wealthy people sit during the play? The Galleries
Why were performances held in the afternoon? No artificial lighting
Who played female roles on stage during Shakespeare’s time and why? Adolescent boys because girls were not allowed on stage.
What Christian saint was assigned Midsummer Night’s Eve day in his honor? Saint John the Baptist
What customs are practiced on Misdsummer’s Eve? Burning bonfires to get rid of spirits, fasting, washing hands
What is the “legal” marrying age for boys? 14
What is the “legal” marrying age for girls? 12
Why is money exchanged during a marriage? To ensure that the wife is taken care of in case the husband passed away.
What are 6 characteristics of fairies? small, dwell in places of fancy, care for children, human attributes, mischievous, wear green outfits
Who originally wrote Pyramus and Thisbe? Ovid
What is Romeo and Juliet based on? Pyramus and Thisbe
What is Pyramus and Thisbe about? In Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Pyramus and Thisbe are two lovers in the city of Babylon who occupy connected houses/walls, forbidden by their parents to be wed, because of their parents’ rivalry. Through a crack in one of the walls, they whisper their love for each other….(you tell me more)
Who is the Duke of Athens in A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Theseus
Who is the king of the fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Oberon
Shakespearean comedies end in…..? Marriage
Who is Puck? Mischievous fairy servant of Oberon
Who is Egeus? A town citizen who has a daughter that will not marry the man he chose for her