A Midsummer Night’s Dream Quiz Review

What is Puck’s real name? Robin Goodfellow
Who is chose to play the lion in the craftsmen’s play? Snug
Which of the young Athenians is first affected by the love potion? Lysander
Which man does Hermia’s father want her to marry? Demetrius
Where do Lysander and Hermia plan to be married? Lysander’s aunt’s house
What part of her appearance does Hermia believe Helena has exploited to win Lysander’s love? Her height
What does Oberon want that Titania refuses to give him? Her attendant, an Indian prince
Why does Pyramus, in the craftsmen’s play, kill himself? Pyramus believes Thisbe has been killed by a lion because he finds her tattered garment at their meeting place.
Who brings the complaint against Hermia to Theseus in Act I? Egeus
Of whom is Hippolyta the queen? The Amazons
How does Puck prevent Demetrius and Lysander from fighting? By mimicking their voices and causing each to get lost in a separate part of the forest
Which of the women is afraid of fighting? Helena
Whom does Demetrius love at the end of the play? Helena
With whom does Titania fall in love in Act III? Bottom
What prank does Puck play on Bottom? He changes his head into that of a donkey
Who first thinks of using the love potion on Titania? Oberon
Who speaks with Titania’s quartet of attendants? Only Bottom
Why is the flower whose juice Oberon seeks special? One of Cupid’s arrow struck it
Which of the craftsmen is in charge of the rehearsals? Quince
Who tells Demetrius that Lysander and Hermia are planning to elope? Helena
What food does Bottom crave after Puck’s mischief? Hay
What are Theseus and Hippolyta about to do before they discover the sleeping lovers? Listen to Theseus’s hounds baying.
How many weddings take place before the play-within-a-play? 3
Who blesses Theseus and Hippolyta with a magical charm at the end of the play? Oberon and Titania
Who suggests that the audience consider whether the entire play has been a dream? Puck
Where does the play take place? Athens and the forest outside its walls
When does the play take place? Ancient Greece, Midsummer
Who are the protagonists of the play? Puck and the Athenian Lovers
Who are the antagonists of the play? None really, could say love itself and all its complications
What are the themes of the play? The Difficulties of Love, Dreams vs. Reality, Magic
What are the conflicts in the play? Various love struggles (list a couple examples – Hermia/Helena/Demetrius/Lysander situation; argument between Oberon & Titania, Theseus/Hippolyta wedding)