A Midsummer Night’s Dream Notes

Act 1—- This play is a…. Comedy
Hippolyta was a warrior queen of the Amazons was kidnapped by….. Theseus before the play starts
Hermia’s three choices are… Marry Demitrious, become a nun, or die
Hermia and Lysander decide to______ to his ______ house and get married. Run away, aunts’
Hermia and Lysander tell _______ their plans and ________ plans to tell ________ in order to get him back. Helena, Demitrious
What’s the name of the play the workmen want to put on? “The Most Lamentable Comedy and Most Cruel Death of Pyramis and Thisbe”
What parts does Nick Bottom want to play? All of the parts
Act 2— Pucks’s nickname is…. Robin Goodfellow
The orphan boy’s mother was a friend and servant of…. Titania
The orphan boy was from…. India
The love potion is called a…. Pansy or “love-in -idleness
Who is going to put the flower juice in Titania’s eyes? Oberon
Who is going to put the flower juice in Demitrious’ eyes? Puck
What is Puck suppose to recognize Demitrious by? His clothes
Why aren’t Lysander and Hermia at his aunt’s house? They are lost
Puck puts love juice in ______ eyes and by mistake _______ wakes up to see _____ and now is in love with her. Lysander, Lysander, Helena
End of Act2: Hermia loves____ Lysander
End of Act2 : Lysander Loves____ Helena
End of act2: Helena loves ____ Demetrious
End of act2: Demetrious loves____ Hermia
Titania wakes up because _____ is singing about ____ _____ ____ Nick Bottom, Cuckoo Cuckoo Birds
Titania is in love with Nick Bottom and ______ him. Kidnaps
Hermia thinks Demetrious ______ Lysander Killed
Who’s eyes does Oberon out the flower juice in? Demetrious
Who does Demetrious fall in love with? Helena
Hermia and Helena get into a…… Cat fight
The insults are about each other’s……. Heights
Puck puts love juice in whose eyes? Act3 Lysander’s
Oberon steals the ____ __. Then he wakes up _____ and removes the spell. Indian boy, Titania
Theseus declares he will overrule _______ and there will be a _________ _________ in Athens for the three couples. Eugeus, triple wedding
Nick Bottom wakes up wanting to write a _______ bout his experience, calling it, “Bottom’s _____” Ballad, Dream
The workmen are overjoyed to see Bottom because they thought ______ has come to him. Harm
Oberon and Titania bless the couples with _ ____; children, those children will have no ______, and the couples will always ______. 3 blessings, deformities, be in love.
Oberon gives one more blessing to Theseus—–______ Peace
Puck finishes the show by talking to_____ The audience