A Midsummer Night’s Dream Crossword Puzzle

Living prop played by Snout Wall
a _______ among ladies is a most dreadful thing lion
Quince leads a band of ______ actors
what aspect of Hermia does Helena insult? height
Puck’s boss Oberon
What is the dispute between Oberon and Titania altering? The seasons
When Lysander is absent, Hermia thinks he has been ____ Murdered
What is the main central motif? moonlight
Allusions to this mythical figure illustrate the power of love Cupid
Who does Puck mistakenly cause to fall in love with Helena? Lysander
When Titania awakens, she falls in love with Bottom
Oberon uses a special flower to make Love Potion
Theseus’ intended bride Hippoylta
“Love looks not with the eyes but with the” Mind
Puck causes what in the village Mischief
The play opens in Athens
At the end of the play, Titania and Oberon return to ____ the marriages Bless
Who is in love with Lysander? Hermia
Hermia’s potential punishment: death or life in a(n) Convent
Pyramus and Thisbe is meant to be a(n) Tradegy
These magical beings have a kingdom in the wood Fairies
Oberon wishes to help Helena
After Oberon undoes the spell, the characters think the events were a(n) Dream
Egeus warns his daughter to marry Demetrius
Who warns aganist watching Pyramus and Thisbe? Philostrate
Who transforms Bottom’s head into that of an ass? Puck
Hermia and Helena were once Friends
Helena thinks Lysander’s and Demetrius’ affections are a(n) jest
How many couples marry by the end of Act V? Three