A Midsummer Night’s Dream Acts 1 and 2

Who is the Duke of Athens? Theseus
Who is the Amazon queen? Hippolyta
Who is to marry Theseus? Hippolyta
Who is the father of Hermia? Egeus
Who is in love with Demetrius? Helena
Who is Demetrius in love with? Hermia
Who is Hermia in love with? Lysander
Who is the King of the Fairies? Oberon
Who is the Queen of the Fairies? Titania
What is Puck’s name in English Folklore? Robin Goodfellow
Who is mischievous and plays jokes on other people? Puck
Moth, Cobweb, Mustardseed, and and Peaseblossem are all what? Faires
What is Bottom’s job? Weaver
What is Quince’s job? Carpenter
What is Flute’s job? Bellows Mender
What is Robin Starveling’s job? Tailor
What is Tom Snout’s job? Tinker
What is Snug’s job? Joiner
Who plays Pyramus in the play? Bottom
Who is the leader of the play? Quince
Who plays Thisbe in the play? Flute
Is Pyramus a boy or a girl? Boy
Is Thisbe a boy or a girl? Girl
Who plays the Moonshine in the play? Robin Starveling
Who plays the wall in the play? Tom Snout
Who plays the lion in the play? Snug
What does “limentable” mean? Sad
Why does Egeus bring his daughter, Hermia, to Theseus? So she can marry Demetrius because it is law that the father chooses the girl’s husband.
____, ___, ___, and ___ plead their cases to ____. EgeusLysanderHermia Demetrius Theseus
Theseus orders that Hermia has to ________, _______, or _______. -Marry Demetrius -Go to a nunnery -Die
Hermia and Lysander tell ____ of their plan, and she decides to tell ______. HelenaDemetrius
The upper class characters speak how? In verse
The lower class characters speak how? In prose
The way the upper and lower class characters speak contributes to what? Conflict
The three groups contribute to what? Contrast
The way the serious nature of the real play and the bumbling foolishness of craftsmen contributes to what? Contrast
How does Bottom want to take over Quince? By telling everyone what to do. He says he can play all the parts.
Love and it’s relationship to the natural order of the world contributes to what? Contrast
Theseus and Hippolyta reversing nature contributes to what? Contrast
What does Athens symbolize? Order
What do the woods symbolize? Chaos
Young Athenians leaving the woods contribute to what? Contrast
Titania not submitting to Oberon contributes to what? Contrast
Oberon and Titania meet and confront each other about the what? Indian Boy
What is the flower called? Love-in-Idleness
Puck mistakenly puts the flower juice into who’s eyes? Lysander
How does Helena react to Lysander’s profession of love? She thinks Lysander is mocking her
What literary technique is Lysander x Hermia, Demetrius x Helena, and Oberon x Titania an example of? Contrast
What kind of mood does Puck create? Senseless
Who sings Titania to sleep? Her fairies
_______ puts the juice in Titania’s eyes. Oberon
By the end of Act 2, Hermia loves ________. Lysander
By the end of Act 2, Lysander loves __________. Helena
By the end of Act 2, Helena loves ________. Demetrius
By the end of Act 2, Demetrius loves _____. Hermia
How would you describe Bottom? He is a narcissist that is horrible at acting and constantly irritates others by saying that he can play all the parts in the play.
What is Bottom’s fatal flaw? His pride
Love is ______. Blind
The flower is the result of a misfire of Cupid’s arrow. It hits the creating the potion. What does this contribute to? Love is Blind
The whole thing about Cupid’s arrow parallels what? Puck’s mistake
What clouds love? Jealously
_______ is jealous of Hermia. Helena
Oberon is jealous of _________. The Indian Boy
____________ is jealous of Lysander. Demetrius
When the four lovers are separated from their correct partners and Puck anointing the wrong man contributes to what? Love is Blind
confusion=woods=darkness contributes to what? Love is Blind