A Midsummer Night’s Dream act II

What name does Robin Goodfellow often go by and why? Puck because he is a Puck
Why are the fairy king and queen (Oberon and Titania) fighting? They both want this Indian child
What is Robin Goodfellow’s reputaion? He’s a jerk
What has happened as a result of Oberon and Titania’s fighting? The world is out of whack and the weather is messed up.
How did Titania end up with the Indian boy? His mom died in childbirth, and made the child Titania’s responsibility
What is “love-in-idleness” and what does it do? It is the flower that makes someone fall in love with the next living creature they see.
How does Oberon plan to get the boy from Titania? He plans to use the flower to distract Titania
How does Demetrius react to Helena when she followed him into the woods? He is disgusted and his a jerk to her.
After seeing Helena and Demetrius, what does Oberon add to his plan? He plans to use the flower on Demetrius for Helena
After Titania’s fairies sing her to sleep, what does Oberon do? He squeezes the flower onto Titania’s eyes.
What are the two reasons Puck is sure he has found the couple seen by Oberon (When he saw Lysander and Hermia)? Lysander is in Athenian clothes and they sleep far away from each other.
In Act II of most of Shakespeare’s plays, the audience is introduced to the conflict. How does this Act II Scene II fit this pattern? The Conflict starts with Lysander getting the flower.
How does Helena react to Lysander’s remarks after he falls for her? She thinks he’s making fun of her
Describe Hermia’s dream. Why is this significant? She dreams a serpent eats her heart and Lysander just watched and smiles. This is significant because Lysander now hates her.