A Midsummer Night’s Dream-Act 3 study guide

Why is Bottom worried about the ladies in the audience? Bottom thinks that the women will be scared by the deaths of Pyramus and Thisbe and of the lion.
What solution does Bottom offer to his problem? He will write a prologue and reveal that he is actually Bottom and that no-one will be hurt.
What problem worries Snout? Snout is worried that the ladies in the audience will be scared of the lion because they will think it is real.
What solution does Bottom propose for Snout’s problem? He will reveal half of Snout’s face from behind the lion’s mask and tell everyone it’s not a real lion.
Why does Bottom propose looking in an almanac? Bottom wants to know if the moon will be shining on he night of the play, as Pyramus and Thisbe meet by moonlight.
Why does Quince decide to have Starveling carry a thorn bush? Quince, like the rest of the tradesmen, wants someone to personify moonlight in case they do not have the real moon for Pyramus and Thisbe to meet under. Starveling will shine a lantern through the thorn bush. In Bottom’s mind, this constitutes another prologue.
What, in Bottom’s opinion, will make the “wall” more realistic? Bottom a wants the actor playing the wall to be covered in plaster and to hold his fingers in a v so that Pyramus and Thisbe will be able to talk through his fingers as they would have talked through a crack in the wall.
How does Puck play tricks on the actors in the wood? Puck decides to watch the play, but soon gets bored and decides to turn Bottom’s head into a donkey head because he is doing such a bad job of playing Pyramus.
How does Bottom react when he finds he has the head of a donkey? Bottom does not believe the other tradesmen when they tell him that he has been transformed, so he sings to show how unafraid he is. This wakes Titania, who confirms his fears that his head is that of a donkey.
How does Titania react upon seeing Bottom? As Titania had the nectar from the pansy on her eyes, she fell instantly in love with Bottom, donkey head and all.
What does Titania order her fairies to do? Titania wants the fairies to care for Bottom, pamper him, feed him, and keep him in her chamber so that she can moon over him. She eventually also orders them to make him shut up when he talks extensively.
How is Quince’s problem with the lighting of his play similar to Shakespeare’s problem of lighting for A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Both plays were held during daylight hours, meaning that there was no moonlight for the lovers to flee by. However, whereas Quince wanted moonlight at all parts of the play, Shakespeare would have wanted some semi-darkness to represent the filtered light of the forest.
How does Oberon learn Titania is in love with Bottom and what are his feelings on it? Oberon is very pleased with Puck for making Titania fall in love with such an ugly creature. He learns this information when he asks Puck about it.
How does Oberon realize Puck has made a mistake and bewitched the wrong Athenian youth? Oberon sees Demetrius and Hermia arguing, and Puck reveals that this is the same woman he saw, but he has never see Demetrius before. He scolds Puck for this and sends him to set things right.
What does Hermia think happened to Lysander? Hermia has no knowledge of the magic flower, and so sees no reason in which Lysander would leave her except for if he was dead, and the only person who would hate Lysander enough to kill him would be Demetrius. Thus, she believes that Demetrius killed Lysander.
Why does Hermia think Demetrius killed Lysander? The only person who hates Lysander is Demetrius, as they are rivals in her love.
On whom does Oberon press his magic nectar now? (Act 3) Oberon attempts to achieve his original aim in putting the nectar on Demetrius’ eyes.
How does Helena react when Demetrius say he loves her? Helena already thought that Lysander was mocking her, so she believes that Demetrius’ words are just another part of the same cruel joke.
Why do Helena and Hermia argue? Helena thinks that Hermia is the planner of Lysander and Demetrius’ supposed scorn, whereas Hermia is in frantic denial of the sudden change in Lysander’s affection and calls Helena a thief.
Who challenges who to a duel? Lysander challenges Demetrius to a duel for Helena’s love in saying: “If thou say [you love her more], withdraw, and prove it”.
What does Oberon order Puck to do to set things right on Earth? Oberon sends Puck to use his powers to lure Lysander away from Demetrius and Hermia away from Helena. They will then each give up for the day and go to sleep, at which time Puck will cure Lysander and they will all meet again, thinking that it was all a dream.
How does Oberon plan to set things right in the fairy world? Oberon will go to the love-struck Titania and ask for the boy, as she will be so caught up in Bottom that she will not care either way. Then he will cure her and they will live happily ever after.