A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 3, Scene 1

What did the cast of the play decide to do so that the ladies won’t be scared of the killing part in the play? They are going to tell the audience in a prologue that Bottom is playing Pyramus and there are no real swords, and no one will be hurt.
What did the cast from the play decide to do so the ladies won’t be scared of the lion? They are going to tell the ladies in a prologue that the lion is not real, and that it is just Snug the carpenter.
Why do they need moonlight for their play? Because in the play Pyramus and Thisbe meet by the moonlight.
How will they get the moonlight for their play? They will have a person hold a bush and a lantern or open a hall window
How are they going to put a wall in their play? They are going to have someone play the part as a wall.
What did Robin do to Bottom? He gave him a donkey head
What does Bottom think everyone is doing to him? Trying to make him look like a fool by running away and screaming while he is acting.
What happens when Titania wakes up and sees Bottom? She falls in love with him
What does Titania offer Bottom? Fairies as servents
What are the names of the fairies that serve Bottom? Peaseblossom, Mustardseed, Mote, and Cobweb
Auditor To hear, listen
Chronicled Recorded history, make record
Confounding Causing confusion, perplexed
Derision Scorn or content
Disparage To be put down with rude remarks
Jangling Argument or disagreement
Enamored Love, attraction, captivated
Loam Compound used for plastering walls. A mixture of clay and sand.
Officious Nosy
Proverb A short well known saying
Recreant Coward, disloyal
Welkin Sky or heaven
Wend To travel a long route
Wonted Accustomed, usual, typical