A Midsummer Night’s Dream- Act 2 Scene 2

What is Hermia’s response to Lysander’s suggestion that they lie down together? She tells him no because she knows what he’s thinking.
Mistakenly, Puck puts the potion on Lysander’s eyes rather than Demetrius’. What may come to this? Lysander will fall in love with someone other than Hermia.
Who awakens Lysander, and what happens? Helena awakens him and he falls in love with her.
How does he explain his change of heart? He says he’s spent too much time with her.
What in fact causes the change in his affections? Puck put the potion on his eyes.
What is Helena’s response to Lysander’s declarations of love? Why? She believes Lysander is making fun of her and her attraction to Demetrius because she gets treated badly enough.
What is the setting of this act and what is associated with this setting? They are in the Forest which is associated with magic and mischief.