A Midsummer Nights Dream Act 2

How were fairies different in Shakespeare’s time than they are in our time? What powers did they have? They could be a man or a women and they weren’t very nice. They thought they could take a different shapes.
What did the woods symbolize at that time? Danger, scary things happen in the woods
Who were Titania and Oberon?What was a votress? King and Queen of the Fairies Titania’s ladies in waiting
what is a soliloquy talking when alone: the act of speaking while alone, especially when used as a theatrical device that allows a character’s thoughts and ideas to be conveyed to the audience
monologue long speech by one actor: a long passage in a play or motion picture spoken by one actor
By what other names in puck known? Robin Goodfellow and Hobgoblin
What does the fairy tell Puck at the beginning of scene one? What warning does he give her, in turn? She tells him that Titania is coming. He tells her that Oberon is coming and that they are going to fight if they don’t keep them away from each other.
Why is Oberon angry with Titania? What reason does he have for wanting the boy? Titania had possession of a little boy with special powers
What sort of tricks does Puck play on humans? he takes the form of a chair and when someone goes to sit on it he brings the chair out from underneath them
Why is Titania jealous of Hippolyta? Who is Oberon jealous of? Titania is in love with Theseus who is marrying Hippolyta. Oberon is jealous of Theseus because he loves hippolyta.
Who do Titania and Oberon blame for recent storms and floods?Who do you think is more to blame? They blame each other. I think Oberon is more to blame because he is the one that started the fight.
according to Oberon, how did the pansy become magical why does he tell puck to fetch it? cupid’s arrow missed its target and hit the pansy he is going to put it o titania’s eyes so she will fall in love with an ugly beast
who races after demetrius into the woods? How does he try to stop her? WHat is oberon’s reaction when he sees the pursuit? helena he tries to tell her he doesn’t love her and that he gets sick when he looks at her oberon tells puck to put some of the pansy on demetrius’ eyes so he will love helena
what jobs does titania send her fairies off to do? she tells them to sing her to sleep
why do the fairies sing charms to titania? so she will go to sleep
why does oberon pronounce a spell over titania? so she will awake when an ugly monster comes along and fall in love with it
why does Lysander move away from Hermia before they sleep? they are not married yet so they cannot sleep near each other
on whose eyelids does puck press the magic nectar? lysander’s
what happens when Helena wakes lysander? what does she think of his flattery? he falls in love with her and she thinks that he is just joking because she just finished calling herself ugly
what has Hermia been dreaming about? she dreamed that a snake ate her heart
Why does Hermia run off at the end of the scene? she is looking for lysander because she cant find him
what is ironic about Hermia saying,”the wisher’s eyes be pressed.” lysander is not in love with hermia anymore