A Midsummer Night’s Dream ACT 1 Vocab

apace quickly, a fast pace to keep up
wane decreasing, moving from a full moon to a new moon
dowager old wealthy women, often a widow
mirth amusement
pomp vain display of importance, good splender
revel to have great fun; to party
vexation provoted to irritability or anxitey
consent permission; agreement
feign pretend
entreat plead; beg
abjure to give up; to do without
visage face or facial expression
beseech beg
waggish like a funny or witty person
perjure to lie
err to make a mistake
base inferior
vile worthless
edict a formal proclamation or command
league a distance; about 3 miles
nuptial marriage; wedding
beguile to put a spell on; charm
sovereignty supreme authority