A Midsummer Night’s Dream ACT 1 SC 2

Why does Nick Bottom want to play all of the parts? bc he thinks he’s just the best darndest actor anyone has ever seen. and he can do it better than the people they were asigned to
What other famous Shaksperean story does the plot of pyramus and thisby echo? Romeo and Juliet
how do you suppose the threat of being hanged if they scare the ladies will affect the tradesmen’s interpretation of the tragedy of Pyramus and thisby they will take a lighter approach for the ending instead of the grusome ones
In what way is this scene funny? mocking how plays were in that time. bottom trying to get everyone’s role
Where are the actors to meet the following night? Why are they rehearsing in that remote place? Duke’s oak. (woods) bc they want the play to be secret.
Who else is meeting in these same woods at the same time? Why do you suppose Shakespeare has set up this coincidence? lysander and hermia. they find out and it may become bad and DRAAAAMAAAAA. bc we know somethin will happen.