A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 1-5

Who is Theseus? Why is he anxious for the rising of the new moon? What does he tell Philostrate to do? Theseus is the Duke of Athens. Theseus is anxious for the rising of the new moon because that will be the day he is going to marry Hippolyta. He tells Philostrate to get the young people of Athens ready to celebrate and have a good time.
Why is Egeus angry? Why has he come to see Theseus? Egeus is angry because his daughter wants to marry Lysander while he wants her to marry Demetrius. He hand went to Theseus to ask for his case to be judge.
What are your impressions of Hermia? Who does she love. My impressions of Hermia is that she is in love with Lysander, she got spirit, she is short and brave.
What alternative does Theseus offer Hermia? The alternative Theseus offers Hermia is she will be executed or she will become a nun.
How does Hermia change during her time alone with Lysander? What is their plan? It starts off with anger to love with Lysander. Their plan is to escapefrom Athens and go somewhere else and marry each other.
What is the relationship between Hermia and Helena? The relationship between Hermia and Helena is they are best friends, and now Helena is jealous because Demetrius loves Hermia.
How does Helena betray the secret Hermia tells her? Why? Helena betrays Hermia by telling Demetrius. She does that because is she tells him she thinks he will start noticingher and he will say thank you to her.
What is the purpose of meeting at Peter’s Quince’s house? Is so he can give each one of the guys thirst parts for the wedding because they are the entertainment and also to plan the play.
Who is Nick Bottom? What does he want? Nick Bottom is a weaver but in the play he Pyramus. He also want to play all the parts.
What is the plot of Pyramus and Thisbe? The plot of Pyramus and Thisbe is a very tragic comedy about Horrible deaths Puramus and Thisbe.
How are the Pyramus and Thisbe like Hermia and Lysander? They both run away to be together.
What part will Bottom play? Nick Bottom is playing the part of Pyramus
What part will Snug play? Snug will play the part of the lion and the wall
When and where do the tradesmen plan to rehearse? The tradesmen plan to rehearse in the forest at night fall.
What do the others think of Bottom? They think he is annoying but they like him.
How do their names for their occupations? ~Peter quince is a Carpenter~Nick bottom is a Weaver~Francis Flut is a Bellows mender~robin starveling is a tailor ~tom snout is a tinker ~snug is a joiner
by what other name is puck know by? robin good fellow
what does the fairy tell puck at the beginning of this scene? what warning does he give her in return? the fairy tells puck that she needs to find some dewdrops and deposits pearls because she wants the place to look nice for the fairy queen. he tells her that the king is upset with the queen.
why is oberon angry with titania? why does he want the boy? oberon is angry with titania because she refuses to give up the page boy. he wants the boy to be his fetch man
what sort of tricks does puck play on humans puck makes elders fall off stools, pretend to be horses and spills things on people
why is titania jealous of hippolyta? who is oberon jealous of? titania is jealous of hippolyta because her and thesis are in love. oberon is jealous of theses.
who do titania and oberon blame for the recent storms and floods? they bame each other
according to oberon how did the pansy become magical? why does he tell puck too fetch the flower? the pansy was struck by cupids arrow, he wants to put the nectar on titania so she can make a fool of herself.
who races after Demetrius into the woods? what is oberon reaction when he sees this? helena. oberon feels bad for helena.
what does puck do with the magical nectar? he tells puck to put some on titania eyes then on an athenian man
what jobs does titania send her fares off to do? titania sends them for bat wings to make coats for small elves and to make the owl stop hooting so loudly.
why do the fairies sing charm for titania she wants them to send her to sleep soundly. it is also a protective charm
why does oberon place the spell on titania to humiliate her for not giving up the boy.
on whose eyelids does puck put the potion on he puts the magic on lysander’s eyes because he thought he was the athenian man
what happens when Helena awakens Lysander he falls inn love with Helena and she thinks that he is mocking her.
what has hermia been dreaming about. she dreamt of a snake eating her heart
why does hermia runoff at the end of the scene she runs off to chase Lysander who is chasing Helena
why is bottom worried about the ladies in the audience he is worried the ladies will fear the scene where Pyramus kills himself
what problems snout. Snout is worried that the ladies in the audience will be scared of the lion because they will think it is real.
why does bottom propose looking in the alminac he wants to know if there will be moonlight on the day of their show
why does quince decide to have starveling carry a thorn bush so he can look like the moon
how does bottom propose snout make the part of the wall more realistic Put plaster and mud on the actor.
how does bottom react when he has the head of a donkey He doesn’t realize and thinks his friends are playing a joke on him.
how does titania react when she sees bottom As Titania had the nectar from the pansy on her eyes, she fell instantly in love with Bottom, donkey head and all.
how does oberon learn that titania was in love with bottom Puck tells him.
how does oberon realize that puck has made a mistake and bewitched the wrong Athenian man Hermia and Demetrius walk in and it is the right girl but wrong guy
what does hermia think happened to Lysander she thinks that he is dead
on whom does oberon press the magical nectar on now? why? Demetrius so that he will fall in love with Helena.
how does Helena react when demetrius declares his love? why she believes he’s making fun of her so she takes off and lysander follows after her (leaving Hermia behind)
why do hermia and Helena argue. Helena thinks Hermia is in on a joke with the guys to make her look stupid.
who challenges whom to duel? why? Lysander challenges Demetrius to a duel over Helena’s love.
what does oberon order puck to do to set things right on earth make the forest go dark and remover the potion form all except demetrius
how does oberon plan to set things right in the world he plans to have puck make the forest dark and bring everyone back to normal except Demetrius
how is titania showing her affection for bottom? who else is present- unnoticed by her? she is giving him whatever he wanted. she didn’t pay attention to the boy or the 4 stepping people
how does oberon get the little boy he uses bottom as a distraction
why does oberon return titania to normal because he couldnt stand seeing his wife being in love with a donkey
how do theseus, edges, and the others happen to find lysander, hermia, demetrius, and helena they find them on their morning hunt
what would egues like theseus to do to lysander? what does he do instead he wants the law to punish him but he allows him to marry who he wants
when everyone awakens, how much does the two couples and bottom remember they think it was a dream
why are the tradesmen upset? why don’t they just assign someone else the role of Pyramus they are upset they can’t find bottom and they can’t assign someone else because bottom is the best
what news does snug bring? how does this make the tradesmen feel? the duke and the others are leaving the temple and others are coming to watch the play, it makes them feel very happy
how do the tradesmen find out that their play has been on the preferred list? they found out on their way to practice
who is married in this scene hippolyta and theses, Lysander and hermia, helena and Demetrius
why doe Theseus chose Pyramus and Thisbe he has seen most of the other plays before and he thinks it is suited for the wedding
how does quince manage to make the prologue to the play unintentionally funny? he forget to use the punctuation
how is hippolyta’s reaction to the play different from theses at first? she thought it was silly at first then she used her imagination
how did the audience react to the suicides are being enacted? hipolyta feels bad while the boys are laughing
what choices does bottom give them at the end a epilogue or a dance
who enters as the married couples to sleep?what does oberon give each fairy? puck, oberon, titania, and their train, he gives them a magical potion to bless their kids
what is puck doing at the end as he describes the night? what did he apologize for he is sweeping up and he all;ligizes for anyone who thought it was a dream