A Midsummer Nights Dream

By what other name is puck known? Robin Goodfellow
What does the fairy tell Puck at the beginning of this scene? The coming of the King and Queen of the fairies
Why is Oberon angry with Titania? Oberon thinks Titania is having relations with Theseus
What sorts of trick does puck play on humans? Charming a fat bean-fed horse by neighing. Lurking in an old woman’s hot punch
Why is Titania jealous of hippoltya? Titania believes Oberon is having an affair with hippoltya
Who do Titania and Oberon blame for recent storms and floods? They blame each other
Who races after Demetrius into the woods? Helena
Who does Oberon tell puck to dab on the eyelids with the magical nectar? Titania
What jobs does Titania send her fairies off to do? To sing to her, chase off the owl, make coats for the elves
Why do the fairies sing charms for Titania? So they can protect her
Why does Oberon pronounce a spell over Titania? So she can fall in love with the first creature she sees when she wakes up
Why does Lysander move away before they sleep? Hermia asked him to move away because their not married
On whose eyelids does Puck press the magic nectar? Lysander
What happens when Helena weakens Lysander? Lysander falls in love with them
What has Hermia been dreaming about? That she was attacked by a serpent
Why does Hermia run off at the end of the scene? Looking for Lysander