A Midsummer Night Dream

Queen of the Amazons Hippolyta
Hermia’s Dad Egeus
Nedar’s Daughter Helena
The Carpentnter Bottom
King of the Faires Oberon
Faerie Queen Titania
Joiner Sung
The Duke of Athens and Bellows Mother Theseus
Master of the revels Philistrate
Tailor Robin Starling
Loved by Helena Demetrius
Hero of the play within the play Pyrimous
heroine of the play within the play thisbe
Tinker Snout
Robin Good Fellow Puck
Small and shrewish Hermia
Regal and dignified Thesus or Hippolyta
tall and gentle Hermia
Imperious ruler Oberon or titaina
Merry and mischievous Puck
Where magic rules The forest
a word comically misused Malaporpism
where order reigns Athens in Theseus palace
Bars hermia from marrying her true love Duke Edict (decision)
Magical flower Pansy
“hippolyta, I wooed thee with my sword” Theseus
“and ere I take this Charm from off her sight……” Oberon
“I see their knavery: thi is to make an ass of me” Bottom
“where is Lysander and fair Hermia? the one ill slay….” Demetrius
“i am that MERRY wondered of the night” Puck
“O teach me how you look, and with what art” Helena
“you thief of love! what , have you come by night and stolen my loves heart from him?” Hermia
“My Oberon , what visions I have seen!……” Titania
“Methinks I have a great desire for a bottle of hay” Bottom
“you have her fathers love, Demetrius. Let me have Hermias: do you marry him?” Lysander
Are fairies evil? False
hermia only loves Lysdaner in the play? True
helena betrays the plan the secret plan to elope? True
bottom boats he can play all the parts in the play? True
puck is a mischievous cheeky rascal of a faerie? True
Titania wishes puck to be her page? False
the artisans are skilled actors? False
Hermia marry Demetrius? False
Helena was once actually engaged to lysander? Flase
The pyramus and thisby actually ends up getting married in the play? False
can love be blind? yes
who blesses the lovers at the end of the play The Fairies
who remains enchanted at the end of the play? Demetrius
what is the main concern the actors have about their play the ladies getting scared of the lion
who do hermia and lysander originally intend to go to for refuge lysanders aunts house
Is egeus selfish, cruel or very wise? selfish
What is the results of the fight between oberon and titania the seasons change
Where is the magic potion from cupid shot an arrow and hit a flower
Titaina falls in love with whom Bottom
Where does the play take place Athens Greece
Are fairies real yes
What is special about hippolytas race? its all women, no men