Zora Neale Hurston’s Strong Voice Quiz

Which excerpt from Their Eyes Were Watching God is the best example of regional dialect? “Shucks! If dat’s her notion she’s barkin’ up de wrong tree. Mah hands is full already.””
“Thanky Ma’am. Ah hates dat woman lak poison. Keep her from round dis house. Her look lak uh white woman! Wid dat meriny skin and hair jus’ as close tuh her head as ninety-nine is tuh uh hundred! Since she hate black folks so, she don’t need our money in her ol’ eatin’ place. We kin go tuh dat white man’s place and git good treatment. Her and dat whittled-down husband uh hers! And dat son! He’s jus’ uh dirty trick her womb played on her. Ah’m telling her husband tuh keep her home.”What do Tea Cake’s words reveal about his intentions? He plans to avoid Mrs. Turner and her business.
“Mah wife takes time fuh whatever she wants tuh do. Real strong headed dat way. Yes indeed.” He laughed a high lungless laugh. “De chillun don’t keep her in no mo’ so she visits when she chooses.”Mr. Turner’s words reveal his lack of control over his wife.
Tea Cake felt sorry for him without knowing why. So he didn’t blurt out the insults he had intended. But he couldn’t hold in everything. They talked about the prospects for the coming season for a moment, then Tea Cake said, “Yo’ wife don’t seem tuh have nothin’ much tuh do, so she kin visit uh lot. Mine got too much tuh do tuh go visitin’ and too much tuh spend time talkin’ tuh folks dat visit her.”Which best describes Tea Cake’s intent in mentioning Janie and Mrs. Turner to Mr. Turner? He hopes Mr. Turner can influence Mrs. Turner to visit less frequently.
In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston uses dialect when Tea Cake speaks in order to emphasize his cultural background.
The season closed and people went away like they had come—in droves. Tea Cake and Janie decided to stay since they wanted to make another season on the muck. There was nothing to do, after they had gathered several bushels of dried beans to save over and sell to the planters in the fall. So Janie began to look around and see people and things she hadn’t noticed during the season.Which aspect of early twentieth-century society in the South is illustrated in this excerpt? Laborers traveled to find work opportunities.
Finally she was gone and Janie hurried to her kitchen to put on supper and found Tea Cake sitting in there with his head between his hands.”Tea Cake! Ah didn’t know you wuz home.””Ah know yuh didn’t. Ah been heah uh long time listenin’ to dat heifer run me down tuh de dawgs uh try tuh tole you off from me.””So dat whut she wuz up to? Ah didn’t know.””Course she is. She got some no-count brother she wants yuh tuh hook up wid and take keer of Ah reckon.””Shucks! If dat’s her notion she’s barkin’ up de wrong tree. Mah hands is full already.”Through Janie’s dialogue in this excerpt, it is reasonable to infer that she is devoted to Tea Cake and unaffected by Mrs. Turner’s opinions.
Anyone who looked more white folkish than herself was better than she was in her criteria, therefore it was right that they should be cruel to her at times, just as she was cruel to those more negroid than herself in direct ratio to their negroness. . . . Insensate cruelty to those you can whip, and groveling submission to those you can’t. Once having set up her idols and built altars to them it was inevitable that she would worship there. Which aspect of early 20th-century society does Hurston emphasize through the character of Mrs. Turner? People were judged based on their skin color.
Which sentence from Their Eyes Were Watching God contains an example of dialect? Before they realized it the sun was cooler and the crowds came pouring onto the muck again.
For instance during the summer when she heard the subtle but compelling rhythms of the Bahaman drummers, she’d walk over and watch the dances. She did not laugh the “Saws” to scorn as she had heard the people doing. Which phrase from the excerpt is the best example of nonstandard English? laugh the “Saws” to scorn

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