World Litterature Othello Act 4, Scene 1

What do Othello and Iago discuss at the beginning of the scene? Why? They are describing Cassio affair with Desdemona; to get Othello even more jealous.
What evidence shows that Othello’s suspicions about Desdemona have affected his physical health? He’s has been having siezures.
What comfort does Iago suggest to assuage Othello’s rage? A lot of people get cheated on.
What charade does Iago engineer as Othello stands out of Cassio’s sight? Iago pretends that Cassio is talking about Desdemona when Cassio is really talking about Bianca.
What gesture by Bianca throws Othello beyond the reach of reason? She (Bianca) throws back the handkerchief to Cassio, and Othello sees this and realizes that the handkerchief is his (Othello).
Othello catalogs some of Desdemona’s good qualities. What are they? She sows well, good musician, sings well, witty, and creative.
What does Iago tell Othello to do to Desdemona? Why? To strangle her to death or choke her death at the scene of the crime; get revenge for her cheating on him (Othello).
Who is Lodovico? Why does he arrive in Cyprus? Desdemona’s cousin; To give Othello a letter saying that Othello should come back to Venice, and Cassio is going to stay in Cyprus.
What action of Othello shocks both Desdemona and Lodovico? He (Othello) slaps her.
What does Iago want Lodovico to conclude about all of these events? That Othello is losing his mind, and he is cruel and mean.