World Hist. 3.07 Quiz

For what reason did John Stuart Mill believe the government should get involved in the economy? To help the poor wmd the powerless
What did Karl Marx believe would happen to capitalism? It would be overthrown by the large class of workers
Karl Marx wrote in The Communist Manifesto that the history of man had been defined by what? Class struggle
What was Charles Darwin’s theory regarding plant and animal life? All plants and animals have gradually evolved over time through a process allied natural selection
What did the public education reform movement of the 1800s accomplish? Public high schools in the United States began to multiply after 1900
Which best describes an accomplishment of the woman suffrage movement? Women on New Zealand gained suffrage on 1893
What happened as a result of workers organizing into unions in the late 1800s? Working conditions began to improve for many workers
Which is an example of how cities improved during the late 1800s? A new police force and sewer system in London
What does the term STANDARD OF LIVING refer to? The level of wealth, comfort, material goods, health, and necessities available to a group
Which achievement improved the standard of living in the late 1800s? The discovery of the link between germs and disease
Which are examples of the new mass society that emerged in the late 1800s? Vaudeville and professional sports teams

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