Who’s Who In To Kill A Mockingbird????

Scout (Jean Louise) Finch -Narrator-Mother died when she was 2-The story’s young protagonist-Escorts Boo Radley home after he saves Jem’s life
Jem Finch -Breaks his arm at the end of the novel-Scouts older brother-Get’s saved by Boo Radley
Atticus Finch -A windowed attorney -Father of Jem and Scout
Calpunria -African-American cook-Rarely comments on the way of white people
Dill (Charles Baker Harris) – Nephew of Miss Rachel Haverford-Want to find out the truth of Boo Radley
Bob Ewell -Father of MayellaPretends to be drunk-Breaks Jem’s arm
Tom Robinson -A kind, black man on trial for his life-Depends on Atticus for his defense and protection
Mayella Ewell -A 19-year old considered to be “white trash”-Accuses Tom Robinson of rape
Boo Radley -The Finches’ reclusive neighbor-Kills Bob Ewell-Saves Jem from Bob Ewell’s attack

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