Who’s Who in to kill a mockingbird

Scout Finch (Narrator) the sister of Jem. Who wrote the story. Tomboy
Jem Finch Scout’s brother
Atticus Finch He is one of the very few characters who never has to rethink his position on an issue. dad of scout and jem
Maycomb, Alabama a town where they it many
Caplurnia she is the maid of the house
Dill (Charles Baker Harris) a little boy that his parents didn’t want. left him with his aunt during the summers
Boo Radley (Arthur) A ghost. A kid that use to live in an old house
The Cunninghams Scout’s classmate. He’s also a client of Atticus’s, and pays Atticus for his services in goods rather than money because that’s all he can afford.
Mr. Radley Boo and Nathan’s father
MIss Stephanie Crawford The town gossip
Genres Southern Gothic, Coming-of-Age Fiction, Bildungsroman
Author Harper Lee
who is Barris Ewell he was a jerk to the teacher, he had germs
who is Bob Ewell he defends the teacher, tell’s the classmate that he was going to kill him
Heck Tate The sheriff of Maycomb and a major witness at Tom
Tim Johnson Tim Johnson roams the streets while his owner is gone. One day Jem watches this dog
Tom Robinson A man who they blamed for rape
Mrs. Debouse some grumpy old lady who doesn’t like scout nor jem
Aunt Alexandra she doesn’t agree with Atticus defining this guy
Uncle Jack scout gave him a listen
cousin Francis who called scouts dad ******-love, The one whom scout punched in the face.
what items did the kids find in the tree ? they found a pocket watch, Dolls of them both,

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