Vocabulary Squares Romeo and Juliet Act 3

Submission Definition-IslamPart of Speech-NounEtymology-Late Middle EnglishSynonyms-yielding, capitulation, acceptanceAntonyms-defianceConnotation-To give in on something.Sentence-Submission to authority.
Dexterity Definition-skillPart of Speech-NounEtymology-Early 16th century Synonyms-deftness, adeptness, adroitnessAntonyms-Lack, want, clumsinessConnotation-To be able to do something physical. Sentence-Her dexterity with chopsticks.
Agile Definition-Able to move quickly and easilyPart of Speech-VerbEtymology-Late Middle EnglishSynonyms-nimble, lithe, suppleAntonyms-clumsy, stiff, slowConnotation-Being flexible Sentence-The dancers on the Marching band are very agile.
Eloquence Definition-fluent or persuasive speaking or writingPart of Speech-NounEtymology-Late middle englishSynonyms-fluency, articulateness, expressivenessAntonyms-Weaknesses,dullness,inabilityConnotation-Speaking out clearly.Sentence-Martin Luther King Jr. spoke eloquence at the Lincoln Memorial.
Adversity Definition-HardshipPart of Speech-NounEtymology-Middle EnglishSynonyms-misfortune, ill luck, bad luckAntonyms-Ease, favor, good luckConnotation-Humans go through Adversity while being sick.Sentence-Resilience in the face of adversity
Denote Definition-Be a name or symbol forPart of Speech-VerbEtymology-Late 16th centurySynonyms-designate, indicate, be a mark ofAntonyms-Refuse, Hide, DisproveConnotation-To help identify something.Sentence-This mark denotes purity and quality.
Disposition Definition-Attitude or moodPart of Speech-NounEtymology-Late Middle EnglishSynonyms-temperament, nature, characterAntonyms-Tone, mind-setConnotation-How you feel during certain times.Sentence-My disposition changes throughout the day.
Discord Definition-disagreementPart of Speech-nounEtymology-Middle EnglishSynonyms-strife, conflict, frictionAntonyms-accord, harmonyConnotation-To not agree with something.Sentence-A prosperous family who showed no signs of discord.
Asunder Definition-apartPart of Speech-AdverbEtymology-Old EnglishSynonyms-apart, up, in two; to piecesAntonyms-put togetherConnotation-To break something apart and make seperately.Sentence-Those whom God hath joined together let no man put asunder.
Abhor Definition-HatePart of Speech-VerbEtymology-Late middle englishSynonyms-detest, hate, loatheAntonyms-love,admireConnotation-To really not like someone or something.Sentence-I abhor the taste of oatmeal.

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