Vocabulary for Romeo and Juliet (Act 3, Scenes 1-5)

civil (adjective) – well-mannered; proper
confines (noun) – interior; insides
dexterity (noun) – skill; proficiency
digressing (verb) – getting off of the main topic; deviating
dismembered (verb) – took apart; split
eloquence (adjective) – expressiveness; verbal facility
garish (adjective) – gaudy; showy
jocund (adjective) – cheerful; happy
martial (adjective) – military; soldierly
monarch (noun) – royalty; a king, queen, or emperor
plague (noun) – disease; hex
prevails (adjective) – controls; dominates
reconcile (verb) – make peace among
renowned (adjective) – famous; well-known
usurer (adjective) – swindler; extortionist
theme (noun) – the underlying meaning or message of a work of literature
oxymoron (noun) – occurs when contradictory words are paired
repetition (verb) – to increase the tension and emotional impact of a speech or scene
hyperbole (noun) – common in the language of Shakespeare

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