vocab-unit 6-othello

definition of abhor (verb) to show/feel strong hatred toward
definition of obsequious (adj) extremely obedient, attentive
definition of eminent (adj) famous and respected; recognized as a positive quality
definition of palpable (adj) able to be touched; so clear
definition of egregious (adj) so terribly bad, horrendous
definition of inordinate (adj) excessive or unusually large
definition of importune (verb) to beg or ask for something
definition of ruminate (verb) to consider something with great thought
definition of surmise (verb) to guess or assume conclusions
definition of vehement (adj) passionate or strong willed about a certain topic
definition of castigated (verb) punished or reprimanded for something
definition of venial (adj) forgivable since it’s small
definition of fulsome (adj) excessively complimenting; kiss ass
definition of iniquity (noun) unfair or gross behavior
definition of requite (verb) to return a favor or respond with affection
definition of bawdy (adj) dealing with sexual matters in a humorous way
definition of restitution (noun) the restoration of something lost to its proper owner
definition of pernicious (adj) harmful, damaging but in a subtle way
definition of odious (adj) unpleasant or repulsive
definition of amorous (adj) showing sexual desires (horny lol)
synonyms of abhor hate, loathe, detest, scorn, despise
antonyms of abhor admire, adore, cherish, love, approve
synonyms of obsequious submissive, servile, ingratiating, obedient, compliant
antonyms of obsequious confident, assertive, domineering
synonyms of palpable evident, tangible, detectable, perceptible, noticeable
antonyms of palpable ambiguous, concealed, doubtful, inconspicuous
synonyms of eminent famous, prestigious, distinguished, notable
antonyms of eminent common, insignificant, unremarkable
synonyms of egregious extreme, atrocious, shocking, intolerable
antonyms of egregious marvelous, astounding
synonyms of inordinate excessive, unreasonable, unnecessary
antonyms of inordinate moderate, conservative, modest
synonyms of importune beg, beseech, plead, implore
antonyms of importune hint, imply, suggest, gratify, please
synonyms of ruminate contemplate, consider, ponder
antonyms of ruminate ignore, neglect, disregard
synonyms of surmise guess, conjecture, suspect, infer, conclude
antonyms of surmise prove, certainty, inform
synonyms of vehement passionate, heated, fiery, powerful
antonyms of vehement mild, apathetic, indifferent
synonyms of castigated reprimanded, admonished, rebuked
antonyms of castigated praise, commend, compliment
synonyms of venial forgivable, pardonable, understandable
antonyms of venial unforgivable, mortal, unjustifiable
synonyms of fulsome buttery, extravagant, overdone, flattering
antonyms of fulsome sincere, reasonable
synonyms of iniquity sin, wickedness, immorality
antonyms of iniquity morality, virtue, goodness
synonyms of requite return, reciprocate, repay
antonyms of requite deny, pardon, ask
synonyms of bawdy racy, suggestive, ribald
antonyms of bawdy clean, innocent, pure
synonyms of restitution return, restoration, compensation
antonyms of restitution taking, receiving (nouns)
synonyms of pernicious harmful, destructive, evil
antonyms of pernicious beneficial, advantageous, helpful
synonyms of odious revolting, repulsive, sickening, disgusting
antonyms of odious delightful, pleasant, enjoyable
synonyms of amorous romantic, erotic, passionate, lustful
antonyms of amorous not attracted to, unfriendly, hateful, put off