Vocab Merchant of Venice from Act 2, Scene 4-5 TO Act 3 Scene 1

peruse (verb) read something carefully, examine carefully or at length
loath (adjective) reluctant, unwilling
masque/masquerade (noun) a masked ball, the wearing of a disguise
foppery (noun) a man who is concerned with his clothes in an affected and excessive way
gentile (adjective) not Jewish, not belonging to one’s own religious community (noun) a person who is not Jewish
forfeit (verb) lose or be deprived of as a penalty for wrongdoing (noun) a fine or penalty for wrongdoing
unabated/unbated (adjective) without any reduction in intensity or strength
for not
feit to make or do
un not
strumpet (noun) a female prostitute or promiscuous woman
albeit (conjunction) although
garnish (noun) a decoration or embellishment (verb) to decorate, to seize money to settle a debt or claim
dross (noun) something regarded as worthless
cerement/cerecloth (noun) waxed cloth for wrapping a corpse
immure (verb) to enclose or confine someone against their will
im in
murus wall
sculpt (verb) to create or represent something by carving, casting, or shaping
carrion (noun) the decaying flesh of dead animals
amorous (adjective) showing, feeling, or relating to sexual desire
amour love
certify (verb) attest or confirm in a formal statement; officially recognize someone or something as possessing certain qualifications or meeting certain standards
miscarry (verb) to have a miscarriage; fail to attain an intended or expected outcome
mis wrong, bad, no, not
fraught (adjective) causing or affected by great anxiety or stress; a situation or action filled with or destined to result in something undesirable
ostentatious (adjective) characterized by vulgar or pretentious display; designed to impress or attract notice
nuptial (adjective) of or relating to marriages or weddings (noun) a wedding)
enjoin (verb) instruct or urge someone to do something
cozen (verb) to trick or deceive; obtain by deception
cozzonare to cheat
glean (verb) extract information from various sources; collect gradually bit by bit
heresy (noun) belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine; opinion profoundly at odds with what is generally accepted
prolixity (noun) wordiness; tediously lengthy
pro forward
liquere liquid
prolixus poured forth
thwart (verb) to prevent someone from accomplishing something
villainy (noun) wicked or criminal behavior
divers (adj.) of varying types; several; diverse
plague (noun) a contagious disease that spreads rapidly and kills many people; (verb) to cause continual trouble or distress; pester or harass continually