vocab for act 3,4 , 5 romeo and juliet

ambiguity statement or event in which meaning is unclear
peruse look over
remnants a usually small part, member, or trace remainingb : a small surviving group —often used in plural2: an unsold or unused end of piece goods See remnant defined for English-language learners »See remnant defined for kids »Examples of REMNANT
haughty blatantly and disdainfully proud
motivation a reason that explains why a character thinks, feels, acts or behaves in a certain way
theme the central idea a work of literature
lament to grieve for
shroud a burial cloth
dismal obsolete : disastrous, dreadful2: showing or causing gloom or depression3: lacking merit : particularly bad
vial a small container, as of glass, for holding liquids
loathsome giving reason to loathing;disgusting
protagonist the main character in a play or a storyex: romeo
antagonist the character or for that works against the protagonist; introduces the conflictex: the capulets working against romeo
banishment exile
dexterity skill;cleverness
idolatary extreme devotion to a person or thing
reconcile to become friendly again
exile state of expulsion from one’s native land by authoritative decree
fickle likely to change
gallant brave, spirited, noble-minded, or chivalrous
allusion a reference in one work of literature to a person place oor thing
climax the point of greatest emotional intensity
dramatic structure structure of a play
symbol any object,person,place, or action that has a meaning in itself and also stands for something larger than itselfex: the ring the nurse gives to romeo