Vocab #2 Macbeth

Buffeted Struck repeatedly, battered (Synonym, Batter/pommel) (Antonym, assuage/sooth)
Balm a soothing substance or one that gives relief (Synonym, salve) (antonym, irritant)
Bane/Baneful a source of harm or destruction; harmful, destructive (Synonym, delirious/detrimental/noxious/pernicious) (antonym, Benign/Harmless)
Beguile To deceive or trick (synonym, delude/manipulate) (antonym, enlighten)
Flout To treat with contempt (synonym, scof/jeer/mock/insult) (Antonym, compliment)
Galling Gall To vex or irritate greatly, poison (synonym, annoy/chate) (antonym, please/comfort/antidote)
Diminutive, Diminution a small thing or person, denoting small. (synonym, undermine/tiny) (antonym, escalation)
Harbinger things that precede and forecast (synonym, omen/forerunner/herald)
Voluptuous pleasurable to sense, sensuous (Synonym, enticing/indulgent/appealing) (antonym, repellent)
Surfeited Fed or supplied to excess (synonym, glutted/gorged) (antonym/repellent)
Sanctify to set apart for sacred use, to make holy, to purify (synonym, consecrate/bless) (antonym Desecrate/degrade/dishonor)
Requite to make repayment or to return (synonym, redress/reciprocate) (antonym, deny)
Missive written communication (synonym, epistle/report/dispatch)
Sundry various or diverse (synonym, myriad/plethora) (antonym, singular/same)
Interim an intervening time; interval; meantime (synonym, interlude/ hiatus)