VASJ Hamlet, Part 1

In a drama, how do audiences learn about a character? -through the character’s own words-through what other characters say-through the actions the character takes-through the ways others behave toward the character
Which excerpt from Hamlet, Act 1, Scene i is a stage direction? Enter to him BERNARDO
In this excerpt, Hamlet characterizes his mother as fickle
Shakespeare portrays Hamlet as a man who falls from a high status, which makes Hamlet an example of a(n) tragic hero
Which is the best description of how Gertrude is characterized in this passage? Gertrude is critical of her son’s continued mourning and urges him to move on
The aside reveals to the audience Hamlet’s dislike for Claudius
What is the most likely reason that Shakespeare chose this point in the play to give Hamlet his first aside? Shakespeare is altering the audience to the conflict between Claudius and Hamlet
In Hamlet, Act 1, Scene ii, which dramatic convention does Shakespeare employ most? He introduces a major conflict
What do Marcellus’s and Horatio’s characterization of the ghost imply? that something bad is going on
In Hamlet, Act 1, Scene i, which character does Shakespeare use most to create suspense? Ghost