Varela: Romeo and Juliet Act 1: Scene 1-4 Quiz

Who was the fight first started by? The servants
Who tried stopping the fight? Benvolio
Who wanted to fight Benvolio? Tybalt
Why was Prince Escalus so mad? It has happened 3 times
What does the Prince tell them? He will kill them if they fight again
What are the 2 families? Capulets and Montagues
Who are Gregory and Sampson? Servants of the Capulets
Who are Abram and Balthasar? Servants of the Montagues
Why is Romeo depressed? He “loves” Rosalina, who doesn’t love him back
What advice does Benvolio give to Romeo, to ease his pain? He tells him to find a new girl
What is Romeo’s response to Benvolio’s advice? Now that he has seen her, no one compares
How old is Juliet? 13, turning 14 in two weeks
What does Paris tell Lord Capulet? He is interested in Juliet
What does Capulet tell Paris? She is not getting married yet, in 2 years, and he tells him to look at all the other beautiful girls tonight and if Juliet is still the only one he wants then talk to him
Where are Romeo and Benvolio going? To crash the Capulet party
When is Juliet’s birthday? Lamasstide, which is August 1st
What is asked of Romeo and Benvolio on the street? The Servant asks them to read a paper for him
Who is Juliet close with? Her nurse
What happened with the nurse in this scene? She was having flashbacks of young Juliet
What reason does Lady Capulet give to Juliet for why she should consider marriage? She was already a mom at Juliet’s age
What are the 2 metaphors used to describe Paris? A book and a flower
What does Lady Capulet tell Juliet to do at the party? Watch Paris to see if she can fall for him
What is Romeo’s reason for going to the party? To see Rosalina
What happened in Romeo’s dream? He predicts something bad is going to happen and it will end in his death
Who is Mercutio and what is his personality? Romeo’s best friend, and the opposite of Romeo
Why are the servingmen annoyed? Someone isn’t doing their job
What is the theme of the party? Masquerade
How long has it been since Capulet and 2nd Capulet have danced like that? 30 years
What does Romeo ask the servingman? Who is that girl?
Who recognizes Romeo’s voice? Tybalt, and he wants to kill him