USN – Odyssey ch. 11

What does Odysseus do to call the souls of the dead to him? Makes a sacrifice of the dead animals so their blood pours in a ditch and attracts all of the dead souls.
Who is Tiresias and what does Odysseus want from him? He is a Theban prophet who predicts what will happen to Odysseus. Odysseus wants to know how his family is doing.
What does Tiresias predict for Odysseus? Teiresias predicts that Odysseus will find trouble in his own home. Also, that he will arrive homelate.
What does Tiresias say Odysseus should do after dealing with the Suitors? Make a large sacrifice to all of the gods.
What is the name of Odysseus’ mother and how does she die? Anticleia, she died of grief
Why can’t Odysseus hug his dead mother? Odysseus can’t hug his mother because she is dead and that is one of Hades’ laws.

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