Unit 1 Test: Anglo Saxon Age

Which phrase best describes Grendel?A. a clever talkerB. hateful and violentC. lazy and stupidD. forgiving and thoughtful B. hateful and violent
Why does Grendel attack Hrothgar’s castle?A. Grendel hates the fact that Hrothgar and his men are happyB. The castle once belonged to GrendelC. Hrothgar’s men have killed Grendel’s motherD. Hrothgar’s men have stolen Grendel’s cup A. Grendel hates the fact that Hrothgar and his men are happy
How does Beowulf prove has killed Grendel?A. He spits on Grendel’s bodyB. He nails Grendel’s body to the wallC. He nails Grendel’s arm in the raftersD. He shows everyone Grendel’s famous jeweled cup C. He nails Grendel’s arm in the rafters
What happens the night after Grendel is killed?A. Grendel’s mother pleads with Hrothgar to get Grendel’s arm backB. Grendel’s mother kills herself in griefC. Grendel’s mother attacks the mead hall, taking back the armD. Grendel’s mother kills Hrothgar C. Grendel’s mother attacks the mead hall, taking back the arm
Which word or phrase best describes the relationship between Hrothgar and Beowulf?A. hurt by each otherB. competitorsC. bitter enemiesD. like father and son D. like father and son
Why does Beowulf decide to fight the dragon?A. Beowulf is angered that the dragon is causing death and destruction in his kingdomB. Wiglaf will not fight the dragonC. The dragon tells Beowulf that he is a weak kingD. Beowulf wants the treasure A. Beowulf is angered that the dragon is causing death and destruction in his kingdom
What happens to Wiglaf after the battle with the dragon?A. he loses all his landB. he is sent to another countryC. he becomes kingD. he dies C. he becomes king
What seems to be Beowulfs main reason for coming to help the Danes?A. desire for powerB. desire for treasureC. desire for fame and gloryD. desire for revenge C. desire for fame and glory
Why does Grendel’s mother attack Herot?A. to save her sonB. to claim its richesC. to feed her familyD. to avenge her son’s death D. to avenge her son’s death
How does Beowulf kill Grendel’s mother?A. He wounds her with Unferth’s swordB. He kills her with a magical sword he finds in her lairC. He drowns her under the waterD. He pulls out one of her arms so that she bleeds to death B. He kills her with a magical sword he finds in her lair
What is Beowulf’s relationship to Higlac?A. Higlac is his fatherB. Higlac is his grandfatherC. His mother is Higlac’s sisterD. His father is Higlac’s brother C. His mother is Higlac’s sister
For about how long does Beowulf rule the Geats?A. five monthsB. five yearsC. fifteen yearsD. fifty years D. fifty years
What happens when Beowulf faces the fire-breathing dragon?A. The dragon kills Beowulf but survivesB. The dragon kills Wiglaf but Beowulf survivesC. None of the other Geats help BeowulfD. Beowulf curses the dragon for killing him C. None of the other Geats help Beowulf
What does Beowulf hope his burial towel will do?A. protect the Geats from fireB. protect the Geats from dragonsC. serve as a warning beacon to seafarersD. keep the treasure hidden forever C. serve as a warning beacon to seafarers
Which of these qualities does Wiglaf most clearly display?A. cowardiceB. loyaltyC. jealousyD. scholarship B. loyalty
Why did the wife have to leave her home in “The Wife’s Lament”?A. kinsmen were successful in spearing themB. her husband abandoned herC. she has never had a permanent homeD. all of the above D. all of the above
What does the Wife mourn in her elegy?A. the death of her motherB. her home being destroyed by a floodC. husband and homeD. riches and fame C. husband and home
What is the setting in “The Wife’s Lament”?A. on a boat at seaB. on a lonely plainC. in an abandoned villageD. under an oak tree in a cave D. under an oak tree in a cave
a long, narrative poem about a hero epic
a place of protection, celebration and business in the Anglo-Saxon village mead hall
a reflective poem that laments the loss of someone or something elegy
the belief that what would happen was destined to happen; no afterlife fatalistic
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers alliteration
Beowulf’s home country Geatland
rhythmic breaks in the middle of lines, where the reciter could pause for a breath Caesure
two-word poetic “renamings” of people, places or things that replace their name kenning
________________ Beowulf is a larger-than-life character epic hero
________________ The lake scene near Grendel’s home is dark, bloody, and crawling with snakes atmosphere
_________________ The story takes place in Northern Europe many centuries ago setting
_________________ Readers learn that “The king Beowulf was fated to reach the end of his days together with his foe, the flaming serpent.” foreshadowing
________________ A fierce dragon plays an important role in the story fantasy
___________________ But fate, that night, intended/Grendel to gnaw the broken bones/Of his last human supper foreshadowing
_________________ So Hrothgar’s men lived happy in his hall alliteration
_________________ Grendel came/hoping to kill/Anyone he could trap on his trip to high Herot alliteration
What sort of epic hero is Beowulf? Discuss his main qualities, and relate those to the cultural and historical context to the Anglo Saxon time period.
Discuss the view of fate expressed in Beowulf. How does it relate to a hero’s boasting? How does it relate to fame? Answer both questions in your response.

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