Unit 1 Lesson 9 Unit Test

He shook with anger, his face scowling and flushed red
The child had a habit of scorning green vegetables spurning
The locals believed the castle was a pirate’s lair, where treasure might be stored Hideout
Match the definitions to the words by filling in the correct letterA. Eager to obtainB. Handle of a swordC. HideoutD. Not eager to pleaseE. Sheath for a swordF. Eager to please Lair-HideoutScabbard-Sheath for a swordHilt-Handle of a swordComplacent-Eager to pleaseCovetous-Eager to obtain and possess
Grendel’s ancestors were banished to the slime because they were descendants of Cain
Which of the following helps qualify beowulf as an epic poem It describes supernatural monsters
Which of these shows the value that Anglo-Saxon culture placed on strength and valor The geats’ carrying beowulf’s battle gear from the lake to herot
Which of these motivates the actions of both beowulf and grendel’s mother a desire to avenge
How does Beowulf feel when he learns that the dragon has melted his hall and his throne responsible
Which of these names the protagonist/antagonist relationship in the battle with the dragon Beowulf/the dragon
Which of these is beowulfs final heroic feat before his death the liberation of the stolen treasure
In the seafarer which of the following is named as a threat issued by fate illness
The daily life of the author of the wife’s lament can best be described as lonely
Which two readings portray the most similar pair of protagonists The seafarer and the wanderer
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