Type of Characters in the Crucible

Flat Characters who exhibit one or two personality traits.
Round Characters who are well-developed with varied and sometimes contradictory personality traits .
Static Characters who do no change throughout the story.
Dynamic Characters who’s attitudes, actions, and traits at the end of the story stand in direct contrast to those of the character at the beginning of the story. (They change throughout story)
John Proctor Round and Dynamic
Reverend Hale Round and Dynamic
Judge Hawthorne Flat and Static
Reverend Parris Round and Static
Marshall Herrick Flat and Static
Francis Nurse Flat and Static
Deputy Danforth Flat and Static
Tituba Flat and Static
Mercy Lewis Flat and Static
Ezekiel Cheever Falta and Static
Betty Parris Flat and Static
Rebecca Nurse Flat and Static
Giles Corey Flat and Static
Ann Putnam Flat and Static
Thomas Putnam Flat and Static
Mary Warren Round and Dynamic
Other Girl Accusers and accused Flat and static
Elizabeth Proctor Round and Dynamic
Abigail Williams Round and Static

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