Twelfth Night Vocabulary

insatiable (adj) can’t be satisfied
renounce (v)reject or give up
accost (v) approach with aggression
discretion (n)caution
impudent (adj) disrespectful or rude
recompense (v) compensation
copious (adj) large in quantity or number; plentiful
ardor (n) great warmth of feeling; passion
arbitrary (adj) subject to whim
extort (v used with object) to take by force
provoked (v used with object) instigate
mellifluous (adj) sweetly or smoothly sounding
ambiguous (adj)more than one meaning
ingenious (adj) clever or intelligent
sordid (adj) dirty or disgusting
melancholy (adj) sad or depressing
austere (adj) uncompromising; strict; forbidding
detest (v) to feel hate; dislike intensely
gait (n) a manner of walking, stepping, or running
condemnation (n) strong disapproval or criticism
rebuke (v used with object) scold or criticize
dormant (adj) inactive; in a state of rest or inactivity
eloquent (adj)fluent, well spoken
renowned (adj) celebrated; famous
prominent (adj) standing out so as to be seen easily; particularly noticeable
predicament (n) an unpleasantly difficult or dangerous situation
impediment (n) obstruction; obstacle
exonerate (v used with object) to clear, free from guilt or blame