Twelfth Night Test Quizlet

What are 3 main settings in this Drama? Illyria, Duke’s house, and Olivia’s house
What is the first/immediate conflict of this Drama? When Viola realizes her brother is dead and has to dress up as a man to support herself (to make a living)
Why is Olivia mourning? Because her brother has died
Who is Orsino in love with in the beginning of the play? Olivia
Describe Olivia’s feelings towards the Duke. Olivia doesn’t care for him
WHY and HOW does Viola become Cesario? WHY: because Viola and her brother (Sebastian) get in a shipwreck and she thinks Sebastian is dead and now Viola has no way of making any money.HOW: Viola uses Sebastian’s suit case filled with his clothes to dress up as a man and then gets a job at the Dukes household.
Why does Viola sympathize with Olivia even before they meet? Because Olivia and Viola are both mourning for a dead brother.
Why do the others dislike Malvolio? 1. Because he’s bossy and arrogant.2. Because he’s in love with Olivia.
Who does Orsino send to carry his messages to Olivia? Cesario (Viola)
As this Drama continues, who does Olivia fall in love with? Cesario (Viola)
Why is Antonio uncomfortable in the town of Illyria? Because he has many enemies in the Dukes household and he is known as a thief/pirate there.
How long does Olivia vow to mourn for her brothers death? 7 summers
Tell HOW Malvolio is tricked. Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, Feste, and Maria created a letter from Olivia to Malvolio stating how much she loved and told him to wear yellow stockings and smile whenever he’s around her.
At what point does Viola know that her brother is alive? Act 5; scene 1
Near the end of the play, who does Feste pretend to be? Why? Feste pretends to be Sir Topas (a priest) because when your in jail, you can only ask to see a priest or a lawyer and this way, he could see Malvolio and trick him into thinking he really is mad.
What characters get married by the end of the play? 1. Olivia and Sebastian2. Viola and the Duke3. Maria and Sir Toby
What does Orsino say about women’s capacity for love? Is there evidence in the play to support or disprove Orsino’s opinion? INCLUDE THE ACTUAL QUOTE IN YOUR RESPONSE. Orsino says “no women’s frame could stand the throbbing of so strong a passion as love gives to my heart. No woman’s heart is so big, to cope so much. Women lack staying power. Alas, their love could be called appetite. Its not the genuine article. Its something akin to taste:they can have to much, overheat, and feel revision. My appetite is as hungry as the sea’s, and it can digest as much. Don’t compare the love that women can have for me with how I feel about Olivia.” I disprove of this because one girl (Olivia) rejected him and there for does not have experience with the general women public. So he could go to every woman and learn this from them. An example from the book would be him marrying Viola at the end. At that point in the book he starts to love her, and vice versa. Also from the book Olivia starts to fall head over heals for Cesario, showing that she in fact does have a capacity for love, just not with Orsino.
Explain how the theme of appearance vs. reality are appropriate and connected to this play. (meaning a logical explanation of the terms) Also, give 2 examples of how this theme is evident in the play. Appearance is what something or someone looks from the naked eye, which means seeing how something/someone is behaving and forming an opinion on what it is to you. In difference, reality means what is actually happening. For example watching a movie. To you, the actor is a character working, moving, or doing something else. But, in reality, that character is an actor trying to make money by pretending to be something that their not. Two pieces of evidence for this from the play is when Viola dresses up as a man named Cesario. In appearance, she is this man working for the Duke when in reality, Viola’s a woman trying to make money because she has no one else to make it for her. The other piece is when Malvolio dresses in yellow stocking and always smiles around Olivia. The appearance is that hes a madman when in reality Malvolio was sent a letter as a prank telling him to do this.
P2: Who is Maria? Olivia’s maid.
P2: Who is Sebastian? Viola’s brother who was in the shipwreck and married Olivia.
P2: Who is Sir Toby? Olivia’s Uncle.
P2: Who is Antonio? Sebastian’s friend who’s works on a ship.
P2: who is Captain? Viola’s friend who was in the shipwreck with her and Sebastian.
P2: who is Feste? one of Olivia’s servants who is a clown.