Twelfth Night Stuff

Orsino Duke of Illeria, in love with Olivia, coward with love
Olivia Gentle woman of Illeria, brother and father are dead, acts like a nun
Viola Not from Illeria, shipwrecked in place of piracy, dressed as a eunuch
Sir Toby Drunk, Olivia’s uncle, lives off her, uses Sir Andrew for drinks
Sir Andrew Courting Olivia, drunk, dumb, Toby promises him Olivia if he buys him drinks
Malvolio Gentleman’s servant with Olivia who is in love, cocky.
Maria Gentlewoman, lady servant
Sebastian Viola’s brother, also shipwrecked, saved by Antonio, strong and good fighter
Antonio Kicked out of Illeria, saved Sebastian, in the pirate business, loyal friend
Sea Captain Saved Viola, keeps secret fact she is a woman
Valentine Servant of Orsino
Curio Servant of Orsino
Fabian Friend of Sir Toby
Feste Lady Olivia’s foo, smartest person.
Soliloquy an act of speaking one’s thoughts to oneself
Aside A passage by characters in a play
Monologue A long speech
Foil A character who contrasts another character to show the particular character of the main character