Twelfth Night plot

act 1 scene 1 Orsino is in his house demanding music in order to fuel his undying love for Olivia
act 1 scene 2 Viola arrives shipwrecked in Illyria and hatches the plan to dress as a eunuch at Orsino’s court, the sea captain agrees to help
act 1 scene 3 Maria and Sir Toby discuss Sir Andrew, and when he comes on stage Maria mocks his ignorance, Sir Toby persuades Sir Andrew to stay in Illyria longer
act 1 scene 4 Orsino tells Viola/Cesario to go to Olivia’s house and tell her of his love
act 1 scene 5 Feste talks his way out of being in Olivia’s disfavour but Malvolio still disapproves, Viola/Cesario enters Olivia’s house and Olivia is initially hostile but eventually is smitten, Olivia sends Malvolio after Viola/Cesario with a ring
act 2 scene 1 Sebastian leaves Antonio to go to Orsino’s court, but Antonio changes his mind and follows Sebastian
act 2 scene 2 Malvolio gives the ring to Viola/Cesario and she realises that Olivia is in love with her
act 2 scene 3 Sir Andrew, Feste and Sir Toby are up late in revelry, Maria enters to try and get them to be quiet, Malvolio comes in and scorns them, once Malvolio leaves Maria hatches the beginnings of the subplot
act 2 scene 4 Orsino and Viola/Cesario listen to Feste’s song, they discuss love and Orsino believes women can’t love as men do, Viola/Cesario then tells the story of her sister who is really herself
act 2 scene 5 Maria plants a fake love letter from Olivia to Malvolio, Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and Fabian watch him open it
act 3 scene 1 Feste and Viola/Cesario have a conversation for the first time, then Sir Toby and Sir Andrew take Viola/Cesario to Olivia, she confesses her love for Viola/Cesario and she is rejected
act 3 scene 2 Sir Andrew wants to leave because Olivia loves Viola/Cesario more than him, Sir Toby and Fabian persuade him to stay and challenge Viola/Cesario to a duel
act 3 scene 3 Antonio catches up with Sebastian, Antonio explains he attacked Orsino’s ships and that is why he can’t stay in Illyria, Antonio gives Sebastian his purse and leaves him again
act 3 scene 4 part 1 Malvolio enters in cross-gartered yellow stockings and is flirtatious with Olivia so Olivia and Maria determine Malvolio is mad, Viola/Cesario arrives at the house so Olivia and Maria leave, Fabian, Sir Toby and Maria come back on and decide to put malvolio in a dark room
act 3 scene 4 part 2 Sir Andrew reads out his letter challenging Viola/Cesario to a duel and Sir Toby promises to deliver it, Olivia gives Viola/Cesario a gift and Viola/Cesario reiterates her rejection, Sir Andrew and Viola/Cesario have a duel, Antonio arrives to defend Viola/Cesario who he thinks is Sebastian and is arrested
act 4 scene 1 Feste sees Sebastian and mistakes him for Viola/Cesario, Sir Andrew hits Sebastian because he too mistakes him for Viola/Cesario so Sebastian fights back, Olivia stops the fight and asks Sebastian to come away with her thinking he is Viola/Cesario and he agrees
act 4 scene 2 Maria tells Feste to dress up as Sir Topas and assess Malvolio’s madness in the dark room, Malvolio begs for the chance to explain himself to Olivia but Feste as Sir Topas refuses, Feste removes the costume and Maria and Sir Toby leave, then Feste agrees to help Malvolio and get him pen and paper
act 4 scene 3 Sebastian tries to determine whether he is mad or not, Olivia comes in with a priest and asks Sebastian to marry her and he agrees
act 5 scene 1 part 1 Fabian asks Feste to see Malvolio’s letter but Feste says no, Orsino meets Feste and pays him to go to Olivia and tell her he is in her house, Antonio comes on and speaks with Orsino, Viola/Cesario explains that Antonio saved her in the duel, Antonio says Viola/Cesario cheated him of his money because he thinks it’s Sebastian
act 5 scene 1 part 2 Orsino gets angry with Olivia for further rejecting his love, Olivia announces she is married to Viola/Cesario when she is really married to Sebatsian, the priest confirms the marriage
act 5 scene 1 part 3 Orsino threatens to kill Viola/Cesario, Sir Andrew and Sir Toby come on with injuries from their fight with Sebastian, Sebastian enters and the twins meet, Feste reads out Malvolio’s letter to Olivia
act 5 scene 1 part 4 Orsino proposes to Viola/Cesario and she agrees, Malvolio comes on saying he will get revenge as Olivia explains he was fooled and Fabian reveals the plot, Feste is left on stage singing at then end