Twelfth Night literary criticism questions

her father had died and, more recently so had her brother Olivia is in mourning because
Cesario after Viola washes-up on the shore, she disguises herself as a man named
OrsinoCesario Olivia at the end if II.ii, the audience observes the construct of a “love triangle” among
Curio and Valentine the gentlemen who serve the duke are
shout his undying love to a woman in the street not a directive in the “letter” to Malvolio is that he should
Pythagoras Feste tells Malvolio that he will never vouch for Malvolio’s sanity until Malvolio embraces the opinion of the afterlife held by
thrust upon them.” “[…] Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness
37 the number of plays Shakespeare is credited is
eating so much beef Sir Andrew believes he has harmed his wit by
Malvolio the character Maria describes as being a conformist, presumptuous, and arrogant-not to mention a sometimes Puritan-is
Sebastian acclimates himself to the town. in the third act, Antonio goes to arrange for food and lodging while
Cesario toward the end of the play, Sir Andrew and Sir Toby have been injured by one whom they assume to be
Cesario in Act V, when Orsino says he “will sacrifice the lamb”, he is referring to
Sir Toby Olivia’s uncle is
play on.” “If music be the food of love,
to match Sir Andrew with Olivia Sir Toby has been attempting
are more insecure ans unstable in relationships. The Duke says women should marry older men then they because men
a small drum Viola asks Feste “dost thou live by thy tabor”, which is
Orsino can have a peaceful life. Viola goes willingly with Orsino so that
Orsino the Duke of Illyria is
Feste’s singing a ballad to the audience. the play comes to its conclusion with
154 the number of sonnets credited to Shakespeare is
Olivia’s uncle Sir Toby Belch is
taffeta and opal feste compares the Duke’s mercurial mood to
Cesario in Act III, Olivia expresses her love for
Sebastian “If it be thus to dram, still let me sleep!” says _______________ to Olivia
thirteen years old Viola’s father had died when she was
Viola and Sebastian the twins in the play are
the Captain in order to ensure the secrecy of her plan, Viola offers large sums of money
he had many enemies there it is perhaps stupid-perhaps brave-of Antonio to go to Orsino’s court because
once they bloom-they fade Orsino says women are like roses because
he has a chance with Olivia Andrew seems to believe that
Andrew demands that Antonio repay his loan not a reason for the confusion that erupts when Antonio requests the return of his purse is
Cesario when Orsino remarks that he “will scarifice the lamb”, he is referring to
Orsino to Viola “[…] thou hast said to a thousand times/Thou never should’st love woman like to me,” said __________ to ____________.