Twelfth Night- Figurative Language

If music be the food of love, play on extended metaphor
MAR: … you must confine yourself within the modest limits of order.TOB: Confine! I’ll confined myself no finer than I am: These clothes are good enough to drink in; and so be these boots too; And they be not, let them hang themselves in their own straps. pun/dialogue
I am a great eater of beef and I believe that does harm to my wit. assonance
O, had I but followed the arts! ecophonesis
… Diana’s lip/ Is not more smooth and dubious; thy small pipe/ Is as the maiden’s organ, shrill and sound, And all is semblative a woman’s part allusion and simile
Yet, a barful strife– Whoe’er I woo, myself would be his wife. aside/ alliteration
Oh Time, thou must untangles this, not I./ It is too hard a knot for me t’ untie! consonance/repetition/pun
Make me a willow cabin at your gate/ And call upon my soul within the house,/ Write loyal cantons of contemn├Ęd love/ And sing them loud even in the dead of night,/ Hallow your name to the reverberate hills/ And make the babbling gossip of the air/ Cry out “Olivia!” O, you should to rest/ Between the elements of air and earth/ But you should pity me monologe
Let still the woman take/ An elder than herself inversion
There is no woman’s sidesCan bide the beating of so strong a passionAs love doth give my heart; no woman’s heartSo big, to hold so much; they lack retention.Alas, their love may be called appetite,No motion of the liver, but the palate,That suffer surfeit, cloyment, and revolt;But mine is all as hungry as the sea,And can digest as much there’s a lot, but through it all- HYPERBOLE
I am all the daughters of my father’s house/ And all the brothers, too- and yet I know not dramatic irony
To her in haste. Give her this jewel. Say My love can give no place, bide no denay. malaproprism
I left no ring with her. What means this lady? Fortune forbid my outside have not charmed her! soliloquy
I pity you direct language/prose
I would you were as I would have you be. chiasmus
Do not extort thy reasons from this clause, For that I woo, thou therefore hast no cause;But rather reason thus with reason fetter:Love sought is good, but given unsought is better. couplets/ verse
I have one heart, one bosom, and one truth,And that no woman has, nor never noneShall mistress be of it, save I alone. anaphora
More matter for a May morning. alliteration
Olivia/ OrsinoSebastian/ MalvolioViola/ Feste foils/ juxtaposition