Twelfth Night critical quotes

Terry Eagleton – love Characters in love are “simultaneously at their most real and unreal
John Kott – Passion Passion is one; it just has different faces
David Jones – love Orsino imagines that he is in love with Olivia although he doesn’t really know her at all
Montegut – Carnivalesque Twelfth Night is a masquerade
Anne Barton – Feste He (Feste) just seeks fact
Montegut – Malvolio “Malvolio is, no question, a fool”
A.S Leggatt – Malvolio Malvolio too is in the prison of his ego but for him it is a gorgeous palace
Karen Greif – Viola Disguised Viola… becomes the agent required to free Olivia (and Orsino) from their bondage of their self delusions
Berry – ending The ultimate effect of Twelfth Night is to make the audience ashamed of itself
Hazlitt – ending One of the most delightful of Shakespeare’s comedies. It is full of sweetness and pleasantry… it makes us laugh
john summer every character has his mask