Twelfth Night Characters

Sir Andrew Aguecheek Friend of Sir Toby. Part of Olivia’s Household
Sir Toby Belch A relative of Olivia’s living at her house.
Olivia A wealthy Countess with whom Orsino is in love. She rejects him.
Maria Gentlewoman, attendant on Olivia.
Fabian Servant for Olivia
Malvolio Steward-organizes the house and servants at Olivia’s household.
Feste Officially works for Olivia, but he sometimes works at Orsino’s too.
Valentine Attendant on Orsino.
Duke Orsino The ruler of Illyria, who is madly in love with Olivia.
Curio Attendant on Orsino.
Antonio Friend of Sebastian, rescues him from a shipwreck.
Viola The female of a brother-sister pair of twins who enters Illyria disguised as Cesario and finds love.
Sebastian Viola’s twin brother.