Twelfth Night – Character Matching

Maria Comes up with idea to play a trick on Malvolio;serving lady for Olivia.
Orsino The Duke of Illyria; threatens to kill Olivia when he discovers her secret marriage to “Cesario.”
Viola Shipwrecks on the coast of Illyria and believes her brother has died; dresses as a male in order to work for Orsino.
Sebastian Viola’s twin; ends up marrying Olivia.
Feste Olivia’s clown; gives insightful advice to characters and audience.
Sir Andrew A knight who Sir Toby invites to stay with him Olivia’s home and attempt to woo her; a complete idiot who Sir Toby manipulates.
Fabian One of Olivia’s servants; wants to be in on the prank that was pulled on Malvolio and tries to smooth things over at the end when the prank was revealed
Olivia The countess whom Orsino is in love with; she develops feelings for Cesario.
Sir Toby Belch Olivia’s drunk uncle who mooches off of her and manipulates Sir Andrew.
Antonio Pulls Sebastian from the ocean and takes care of him; wanted in Illyria for past crimes.
Malvolio Olivia’s steward; referred to as a “puritan” by the other servants and wears yellow stockings believing it will impress Olivia.
Cesario Works for Orsino; Olivia falls in love with “him,” but “he” is really a she who is in love with Orsino.