Twelfth Night, Act 4

because he was searching around for Viola why is Feste exasperated when he first meets Sebastian?
everything is not what it seems to be what does Feste mean when he says “nothing that is so is so”
because he was being mistaken for Viola and Sir Andrew came in and hit him for no reason and Feste was yelling at him why does Sebastian think everyone in Illyria was mad
he wants to see what Malvolio was thinking since he was put in “jail” because everyone thought he was mad why does Feste disguise himself as Sir Topas
he tells him they are in a bright room when in fact it is dark how does Sir Topas try to convince Malvolio he is mad
because she is mistaking him for Viola aka Cesario why does Sebastian think Olivia is mad
because she can’t help feeling jealous towards Cesario/Sebastian why does Olivia propose marriage