Twelfth Night (Act 3, scenes 1 & 2)

What instrument is the Clown holding? The Clown is holding a tabor.
Where does the Clown say he lives by? The Clown says he lives by a church.
Why is the Clown upset with words? The Clown is upset with words because they are rascals whose bonds disgraced them.
Rather than Lady Olivia’s fool, what does Feste claim to be? Feste claims to be Olivia’s “corrupter of words.”
What does Cesario praise while waiting for Olivia? Cesario praises the Clown’s skill as a fool.
Who declares love in this scene? Olivia declares her love for Cesario in this scene.
What is Olivia’s response to Cesario’s wooing for the Duke? Olivia rejects the Duke.
Act 3, Scene 2
What is Sir Andrew getting ready to do? Why? Getting ready to leave. Olivia does not like him
On whom does Andrew see Olivia bestow her affection? Andrew sees Olivia bestow her affection on Cesario.
What is Fabian’s explanation for that favoritism? Fabian asserts that she is doing that to exasperate Andrew and to rouse him to some action.
What element does Fabian think will stir Olivia’s passion? Fabian thinks that valor will stir Olivia to passion.
What idea does Sir Toby come up with to help Sir Andrew? Sir Toby comes up with the idea of a fight.
What task does Sir Toby assign Sir Andrew? Sir Toby assigns a letter to Sir Andrew to be delivered to Cesario.
What does Sir Toby not plan to do, though? Sir Toby does not plan to deliver the letter.
In what manner does Sir Toby hail Maria? Sir Toby hails Maria in an affectionate manner.
How does Maria describe Malvolio’s absorption in the letter? Maria describes Malvolio’s absorption in the letter as hilarious.
What role does Sir Toby continue to play well? Sir Toby continues to play the role of “lord of misrule” well.