Twelfth Night Act 2 Scene 3 Lines

SIR ANDREWHere comes the fool, i’ faith Here now, my hearts! did you never see the picture of ‘we three’?
SIR ANDREWI sent thee sixpence for thy leman; hadst it? I did impeticos thy gratillity; for Malvolio’s nose is no whipstock: my lady has a white hand, and the Myrmidons are no bottle-ale houses.
SIR TOBY BELCHCome on; there is sixpence for you: let’s have a song.SIR ANDREWThere’s a testril of me too: if one knight give a — Would you have a love-song, or a song of good life?
SIR ANDREWAy, ay: I care not for good life [Sings]O mistress mine where are your roaming?O, stay and hear, your true love’s coming,That can sing both high and low:Trip no further, pretty sweeting;Journey’s end in lover’s meeting,Every wise man’s son doth know
SIR TOBY BELCHGood, good [Sings]What is love? ’tis not hereafterPresent mirth hath present laughterWhat’s to come is still unsureIn delay there lies no plenty;Then come and kiss me , sweet and twenty,Youth’s a stuff will not endure.
SIR ANDREWAn you love me, let’s do’t: I am a dog at a catch By’r lady, sir, and some dogs will catch well.
SIR ANDREWMost certain. Let our catch be, ‘Thou knave’. ‘Hold thy peace, thy knave’, knight? I shall be constrained in’t to call thee knave, knight.
SIR TOBY BELCH[Sings]There dwelt a man in Babylon, lady, lady! Beshrew me, the knight’s in admirable fooling.
SIR TOBY BELCH’Farewell, dear heart, since I must needs be gone.’MARIANay, good Sir Toby ‘His eyes do show his days are almost done.’
SIR TOBY BELCH’But I will never die’ Sir Toby, there you lie
SIR TOBY BELCH’Shall I bid him go?’ ‘What an if you do?’
SIR TOBY BELCH’Shall I bid him go and spare him not?’ ‘O no, no, no, no, you dare not!’
SIR TOBY BELCHOut o’ tune sir: ye lie, Art any more than a steward? Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale? Yes, by Saint Anne, and ginger shall be hot i’ the mouth too.