Twelfth Night Act 2/3

2.1 Antonio has been hosting Sebastian (Viola’s twin brother) in his home since the shipwreck. Sebastian tells Antonio his real name/story of Viola’s “death” now that he’s leaving. Antonio wants to wander with Sebastian and go to Orsino’s court despite having enemies there.
2.2 Malvolio returns the ring Cesario(Viola) “left” with Olivia. Viola realizes that Orsino never sent a ring and that Olivia must like her. She reflects on the love triangle between herself/Olivia/Orsino
2.3 Sir Toby/Andrew at drinking at Olivia’s house. Feste comes and they sing loudly. Maria warns them to quiet because Olivia will have Malvolio kick them out. Malvolio comes in and scorns them for their rude behavior. After left, Sir Andrew says challenge to duel but Maria fake love letter (in Olivia’s handwriting).
2.4 Orsino discusses love with Viola. Viola(Cesario) admits in love with woman same age/features as Orsino. Orsino says too old, fading beauty. Feste the Fool comes to sing a sad love song. Viola tries to tell him to accept rejection, but Orsino says women don’t love as strongly as men, Viola talks of “sister” who was in love. Orsino sends Viola back to Olivia with a jewel.
2.5 Sir Toby/Andrew & Fabian hiding in hedge. Malvolio walks on path speaking to himself of loving Olivia. He finds letter Maria dropped. “I may command where I adore.” Malvolios’ Yellow stockings, criss-crossed laces, smiling
3.1 Viola (Cesario) goes to Olivia’s house. Talks w Fool then Sir Toby/Andrew. Olivia comes w Maria and everyone else leaves. Viola tries to convince Olivia more but she rejects Orsino’s love and admits her love for Viola(Cesario).
3.2 Andrew wants to leave after seeing Olivia’s love for Cesario(Viola). Sir Toby/Fabian convince him to stay/write a letter challenging him to a duel. Maria reports of Malvolio’s funny behavior from the prank
3.3 Sebastian/Antonio in Illyria. Antonio finds lodging(hide) while Sebastian explores city.
3.4 Malvolio was sent to fetch Cesario(Viola on Olivia’s behalf. Malv references letter/acts crazy. Olivia wants Toby to take care of him. Toby/Maria/Fabian decide he’s insane and lock Malvolio @ dark room.
3.4 cont Andrew comes w letter. Toby reads Fabian comments. Andrew goes to garden w sword to fight Cesario. Toby presents duel verbally to Cesario(Viola). Pretends to Andrew as if Cesario’s dangerous. They draw swords
3.4 Cont Antonio enters during duel wanting to fight Andrew because he wanted to defend Cesario(thought to be Sebastian). Antonio asks Orsino(Viola) for money back as he’s being arrested.

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