Twelfth Night Act 1

Why is music no longer as sweet as before to Duke Orsino? Olivia doesn’t love him.
How long does Olivia intend to mourn for her brother? 7 years
What is Orsino’s response to Lady Olivia’s avowal of grief? Orsino thinks that because Olivia loves her brother so much that she mourns for him for 7 years, Olivia will love Orsino as much as well.
Where does Viola think Sebastian is? Heaven
Give the line that indicates Viola thinks Sebastian might still be alive. “Perchance he is not drowned. What you think, sailors?”
What had the captain observed Sebastian doing? The captain saw Sebastian clinging to a mast as the ship was sinking.
How had Viola heard of Orsino? Her father met Orsino and told Viola about him.
What does Viola remember about Orsino? He was a bachelor.
Name the two people in Olivia’s life who died within one year. Her brother and her father
What is Viola’s plan? Viola wants to disguise herself as a boy so that she could work for the Duke.
When Sir Toby and Maria first appear, what is her warning to him? Maria warns Sir Toby to control himself.
Give some reasons Toby brought Andrew to Olivia’s house. He wants his money, he wants him to woo Olivia, and he keeps him entertained.
How does Maria categorize Andrew? prodigal , quarreler, coward
What are Andrew’s feelings concerning the wooing of Olivia? Andrew doesn’t think that he can woo Olivia because the Duke is already trying.
What is the primary task to which Orsino assigns Cesario (Viola in disguise)? Orsino wants Cesario to win over Olivia on his behalf.
What does Viola reveal about her feelings for Orsino? Viola desires Orsino
Explain the meaning of the Clown’s line: “Many a good hanging prevents a bad marriage.” It means that dying is better than marrying a wrong person.
How does the Clown prove to Olivia that she is the fool? The clown proves to Olivia that she is the fool because Olivia is mourning for her brother while she thinks that he is in heaven.
What are Malvolio’s feelings toward the Clown? Malvolio hates the clown.
Explain Viola’s reaction to Olivia. Viola says that Olivia is beautiful, not realizing that Olivia likes Viola (as Cesario).
How does Olivia react to Viola’s profession of Orsino’s love? She states Orsino does not have her heart.
What does Olivia do after Viola (as Cesario) leaves? She tells Malvolio to take her ring to Cesario to trick Cesario into coming back.