Tragic Hero – Macbeth

The importance of the quote: “Let not light see my black and deep desires” said by Macbeth, – power – ambitions
During the fight against Norway and Scotland, who kills Macdonwald within the battle? How? Macbeth,- he unseams him from the navel to his head- then beheads him (showing that doing more even though he is murdered shows he is heartless, cold
Who wanted to be Thane of Cawdor, therefore what do they possess? Macbeth,- ambition- pride- greed
When was “Macbeth” written? – in the renessaince period
Who is the king after Macbeth is murdered? Malcom takes the throne
What is the importance of the quote, “Life is but a walking shadow” Who said this? Macbeth says this stating that life is meaningless, useless.
Macbeth compares life to a “brief candle” what literary device is this? a metaphor
England helped out Malcom during the war at Burnim Woods to be the next in throne, what did England give him? – Siward and along with 10,000 men
The quote “Unrestrained ambition has devastating effets” What literary device is this?? – theme
When Macbeth was told of a womans scream, being Lady Macbeth’s suicide, how did he react? -no emotion was felt or any outward grief
Who says, “Can you want that glittering prize – the crown- yet be a self- confessed coward”WHY? Lady Macbeth, to influence Macbeth to kill king Duncan
Aristotle was the first to define a hero in 384-322 B. C. What were the five things that Aristotle defined a hero as? not entirely good or entirely bada person of high ranking the hero is responsible for some way of his demisethe hero recognizes his error and still accepts concequences to comethe hero does not curse fate or gods, is enlightened and humbled by them
What does Malcom tell his 10,000 men to use as a camoflauge when approaching Macbeth in war? To use the branches from Birnam Woods
“Look like the innocent flower”… metaphor
Why did Shakespeare write “Macbeth” ? to honor the new king James I
What is the style of writing with 10 syllable lines, with alternating unstressed and stressed syllables? Iambic pentameter
What is the purpose of a “sililoquy” ? it reveals someones inner thoughts
Who is the creator of Banquo and Fleances death? Macbeth
” No woman shall harm Macbeth” importance? It gave Macbeth assurance and comfort
What type of play is “Macbeth”? A tragedy
How does Lady Macbeth demonstrate her guilty conscience? sleep walks, hallucinates washing her bloody hands of the deed in Macbeth murdering Duncan