Topic Test

Which character in Antigone by Sophocles is both a stock and static character? Teiresias
Aristotle is credited with __________. defining tragedy and its elements
The rhetorical appeal of logos relies on __________. the logic and reasoning
In the Greek tragedy Antigone by Sophocles, which event(s) reveals Creon’s tragic downfall? the deaths of Eurydice and Haemon
At which stage of the plot structure do conflicts build in intensity and complication? rising action
According to the parados, the ancient Greeks valued __________ in their culture. humility
What is the biggest obstacle that Antigone must overcome to achieve her goal? Creon’s decree
In scene 1, Creon suspects __________ motivated the person who buried Polyneices. money
According to Aristotle, how are plot events related in a tragedy? through cause-and-effect relationships
Sophocles uses dramatic irony in the play to affect the audience in all of the following ways except __________. to generate sympathy for the antagonist
Explain how the conflict between familial loyalty and civil obedience is resolved, how theme is revealed through resolution, and what you can learn about the ancient Greek culture through a theme from the play Antigone. The conflict between familial loyalty and civil obedience is resolved when each of the characters ultimately chooses family over obedience to Creon. Haemon chooses Antigone when he tries to stab his father and then take his own life. Eurydice chooses her son over Creon when she takes her own life. The resolution reveals a powerful theme: Loyalty to family is more important that civil obedience. The theme sheds light on the value the ancient Greeks placed on familial relationships.
Explain the reasoning behind Ismene’s decision not to help Antigone bury Polyneices and what it reveals about the ancient Greek culture. Because she feared for her own life and in some way put hers in front of her family , thus leading to why she basically chickened out and didn’t help her sister bury their fallen and rotting brothers body.
Which event resolves the conflict between Antigone and Creon? Antigone’s death
Which character experiences anagnorisis? Creon
Explain the difference between a dynamic character and a static character. A dynamic character is one who does not change or grow, and a static character is one who has few traits.

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