To Kill A Mockingbird Webquest

When and where was Harper Lee born Monroeville, Alabama on April 28,1926
What was Harper Lee’s family like? 3 siblings, her father was a lawyer and her mother had mental illness
Who was her childhood bff? Truman Capole
What did Harper Lee study in collage English Literature
What extra-curricular activities did Harper Lee participate in? Literary honor society, glee club, and a sorority.
What year was to Kill a Mockingbird published Published in 1960
When was To Kill A Mockingbird adapted into screen? In 1962
How was Harper Lee honored in the publication of To Kill A Mockingbird Won the Pultizer Prize and several other literarcy awards
How did the Wall Street Crash lead to the Great Depression It lowered prices
Who were the presidents during the 1930’s Hoover and Roosevelt
How many people were unemployed? And what did they do? Millions of Americans and they searched the country for food, work, and shelter.
What social problems occurred in the USA as a result from the deppression? Europeans bought fewer American products
How did the depression affect farmers? Farmers income increased more than 50% because of federal programs.
How did the depression affect African Americans? Half of the African Americans were out of work. More racial violence stirred up.
What were sharecroppers? a tenant farmer who gives a part of each crop as rent
What problems did sharecroppers have and leave as a legacy? Encompassed more than 60%of the farming population. It left a legacy of poverty and illiteracy.
What was Jim Crow The racial caste system which operated in the southern and border states. It’s a series of rigid anti black laws.
Where did the term Jim crow come from? Originated from ” Jump Jim Crow” a song – and dance caricature of blacks performed by a white actor.
What supreme court case upheld segregation? Please vs. Ferguson
Who were the Scottsboro boys? 9 black boys that ganged raped two white girls.
Where and when did the Scottsboro boy’s original trial take place? 12 days after the arrest in Scottsboro, Alabama
What was the outcome of the trial?

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