To Kill a Mockingbird Vocabulary Words

assuaged to ease or satisfy; make less severe
apothecary druggist; pharmacist
strictures strict advice
dictum an authoritative pronouncement
taciturn habitually quiet, uncommunicative
unsullied unsoiled, not dirtied
epic heroic
repertoire assortment of skills
vapid lacking interest; flat
malevolent evil
beadle a town constable or minor official
foray a sudden military advance; a venturing out
indigenous native to
entailment an amount of money that is legally set aside for one purpose
mortification embarassment
sojourn stay
expounding seriously explaining
erratic uneven, unpredictable
iniquities sins
contemptuous hateful and disrespectful
contentious argumentative
expansively talkatively
misdemeanor a minor crime
disapprobation disapproval
severed cut off
auspicious marked by success; favorable
palette a range of colors, usually of paints on a hand-held mixing board
melancholy extremely sad
quelling calming down
benign harmless, not evil
tacit unspoken but agreed upon and understood
magisterial royal, majestic
cordiality friendliness, hospitality
inquisitive curious
asinine stupid
gaped stared with mouth hanging open
quibbling arguing over trivial matters
malignant evil, harmful
perpetual never-ending
aberrations departures from the normal or expected
touchous sensitive, easily irritated
bade (past tense of “bid”) ordered
quelled stopped, ended, put out
perplexity confusion
inordinately exceeding reasonable limits
ingenuous unsophisticated
guilelessness plain, open honesty, without any tricks
mortify to embarrass
obstreperous noisily defiant
invective angry, abusive, complaining language
tartly sharply
articulate speaking clearly
jubilantly joyfully and triumphantly
livid extremely angry
philippic a verbal denunciation characterized by invective
rectitude moral properness
tirade angry flow of words
undulate to move in waves
propensities inclinations to something
cantankerous cranky and argumentative

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